About Us

About alkhaleej


alkhaleej Is a Libyan independent private company established in 2011 in tripoli, Libya ,specialised  in importing and distribution of medicine and medical supplies,it has been structured according to the national legislation for the privatisation of medical supply services..

alkhaleej  opened a distribution  offices in the different  cities  with  big distribution network covering entire country  -we have commercial dealings with international partners from several countries.



It is a competent, professional and dynamic Libyan  company established 2011 , that targets provision of medical supply services from renowned international manufacturers to healthcare facilities, private and public, throughout the entire country.

AL KHALEEJ for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and sundries is a competent private Libyan establishment . It has been structured according to the national legislation for the privatization of medical supply services.


AL KHALEEJ aims at providing a professional specialized service of a very high standard. This includes registration, technical assistance, advisory, marketing, promotion, purchasing, importation, sales and distribution.

AL KHALEEJ is managed by a highly qualified team of expertise. They are specialized in medical, pharmaceutical, business administration and financial fields and are equipped with proper communication skills and public relations, in addition to their quality scientific knowledge. The stores are in accordance with the GSP. The distribution network is a well organized setup and is capable of serving the entire country.



  • Is based on a solid infrastructure;
  • Recruits quality professionals;
  • Is well financed;
  • Collects a reliable data base; medical, pharmaceutical & financial;
  • Has effective contacts with key people & opinion leaders;
  • Participates in medical congresses & exhibitions;
  • Organizes scientific activities, including symposia;
  • Deals with multinational manufacturers;
  • Participates in public sector tenders;
  • Receives orders from public authorities & physically market & distribute products within the private.



Our vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical and surgical distributor company, providing our customers with the finest range of products, with the emphasis on quality, safety and efficacy.



To provide our customers with the innovative healthcare products & solution through selected business partners.To offer superior service to our valued customers 

  • To sustain a strong portfolio of leadership businesses
  • To drive common initiatives to expand performance
  • To deliver our products in the most professional and knowledgeable way
  • To support and develop energise expertise



People make the difference; accordingly, we invest in professional & carefully selected people


Our Career


We have completed many orders for equipment and medical equipment to some companies, clinics, and we are working on a large scale Inside the country.


We provide


all kind of medical needs, including processing of all laboratory of all kinds, private clinics and hospitals, all their needs of medical equipment, devices and solutions and Sterilisation materials and the high level of specification which is the sole agent and distributor based in Libya for many  products .