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Company Profile

Dear Sirs,

We are honored to present in brief, to your esteemed company, the activities of  Libyan based & registered company  AL-KHALEEJ  ALSHARQI  in the field of supply of medical equipment sundries and pharmaceutical , as well as Hospital Engineering, Maintenance of bio-medical and training of bio-medical Staff and Technicians.

AL-KHALEEJ ALSHAQI   Staff are highly trained specialists in marketing and all medical Engineers with full support and training in many well known medical manufacturer In Europe & United State of America, United Kingdom, & Asia.

Our fields of activities are:

  • Medical Equipment Packages
  • Supplies of Sundries and Consumables of the Hospital
  • Maintenance of Bio- Medical Equipment
  • Training of medical equipment users on site & abroad.
  • Supplies of Pharmaceutical products

In Libya AL-KHALEEJ ALSHARQI  successfully participated in supplying medical equipment, sundries and medicines for the important Department of ICU, CCU, NICU, NURSERY, GAYNECOLOGY, MEDICAL WARD & OPERATION THEATER in different government hospitals and private clinics.

AL-KHALEEJ ALSHARQI  supplies continuously medical equipment packages, Reagents, Drugs, Consumables as well as Disposables to all hospital and clinics in Libya  whereby AL-KHALEEJ ALSHARQI  represents as their AGENT and SUPPLIERS in Libya, highly well known Companies, active in the field of Medical Equipment, Medical high quality Furniture , Laboratory Equipment &  Reagents.( New Suppliers )

1)  SOYAGREENTEC                        : vacuum blood collection tube

2)  CODAN ARGUS                          : Infusion and Syringe pump, tubing set, syringe 50ml

3)  MGE, UK                                        : Electro suction machine, Oxygen Therapy, Nebulizer

4)  PUREPRO USA                               : Water filters

5)  ACCU VEIN                                      : Vein Visualization devices

6)  INFINIUM INC. USA                   : Multi-parameter patient monitor, Spo2 devices

7)INMOCLINIC SPAIN                    : Medical furniture.

8) ULTRASONIX USA                      : ultrasound device


10)    METRO, USA                               : Medical Furniture Carts, and Cabinets

11)   MEDISA, Spain                             : Medical Furniture, Hospital Beds.

12)  ORTO ALREZA                              :Laboratory Centrifuges.1

13)  HERSILL SPAIN                           :flow meter & Oxygen therapy. 

14) lUTEC  MEDICAL USA:              : Multi-parameter patient monitor, CTG ,Spo2 devices


Amongst above  companies in the field of medical hospital supplies which we represent  as suppliers, Al-khalej Alsharqi will support the Hospital which the company supplied for training of all end users , maintenance after sale condition including full support from the companies which we represent in Libya.

At your convenience our specialists are prepared to visit the Hospital at any time (a common Practice of Al-Khalej Alsharqi ) in order to assist your specialists in evaluating the equipment standard.

We are convinced that Al-Khaleej Alsharqi can successfully contribute to reach the high standards at the Hospitals and Clinics, as foreseen by your esteemed Company for the people of the Libya

Sir, we assure you of our utmost consideration and remain at your entire disposal.



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